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Anhui Normal University is the earliest institution of higher learning in Anhui. The school is located in Wuhu, a state-level open city with the reputation of “Huifeng Rhyme and Thousand Lakes City”. It is close to the Yangtze River and is surrounded by the Lingxiu Mountain. It is the natural god show of Jiangnan and the spiritual master of Huizhou. It is Anhui Province. The People's Government and the Ministry of Education jointly established universities and national “basic capacity building projects for universities in the central and western regions” to build colleges and universities. It is a provincial key comprehensive university and a “local high-level university” project in Anhui Province. .
The predecessor of the school was the provincial Anhui University founded in Anqing in 1928. In 1946, it was renamed the National Anhui University. In December 1949, it was moved to Wuhu. Later, he went through several school-running stages such as Anhui Normal University, Hefei Normal University, Weinan University (comrade Liu Shaoqi wrote the name of the school) and Anhui University of Agriculture and Agriculture. In 1972, with the approval of the State Council, it was officially named Anhui Normal University (Comrade Guo Moruo inscribed the school name). In 2005, Wuhu Teachers College was integrated into Anhui Normal University.
In the course of 90 years of schooling, Liu Wendian, Zhou Jianren, Yu Dafu, Su Xuelin, Chen Wangdao, Zhu Xiang, Zhu Guangqian, Wang Xinggong, Yang Lianggong, Cheng Yansheng, Tao Yin, Zhang Weici, Ding Xuxian, Xiang Nan, Xu Jie and many other well-known experts and scholars The social elite has gathered at the bank of Linghu Lake and the shore of Jinghu Lake. The book says that Hongwen is teaching. After a generation of generations of teachers, they have devoted themselves to cultivation, inspirational practice, cultivating post-study, passing fire, and preaching and teaching. They have drawn the spirit of “thickness, simplicity, self-improvement, self-improvement, self-improvement” and accumulated “rigorous scholarship, dedication and dedication”. The teaching style of teaching and educating people and being a teacher has cultivated the style of "diligence, deliberation, simplicity, humility, knowing and doing, seeking truth and seeking newness", and condensed the school motto of "thickness, education, erudition, and dedication". Since the establishment of the school, it has accumulated nearly 300,000 full-time high-level professionals for the country.
The school has existing liberal arts colleges, Marxist colleges, law schools, economic management colleges, music colleges, art colleges, history and social colleges, educational science colleges, foreign language colleges, sports colleges, journalism and communication colleges, mathematics and statistics colleges, computers and 18 colleges including the School of Information, the School of Physics and Electronic Information, the School of Chemistry and Materials Science, the School of Geography and Tourism, the College of Life Sciences, and the School of Environmental Science and Engineering, as well as the College of Continuing Education, the School of International Education, and the Anhui Normal University. Jiang College, Middle School, Attached Small and attached to the young.
The disciplines of the school cover literature, history, philosophy, economics, management, law, education, science, engineering, agronomy, art, etc., forming a doctoral-master's degree - bachelor's education and other levels, full-time higher education Different types of complete talent training systems, such as adult higher education and international student education. There are 8 doctoral degree authorized first-level disciplines, 29 master's degree authorized first-level disciplines, 14 professional degree authorization points, 5 post-doctoral mobile stations, 18 provincial key disciplines, and 3 provincial-level discipline construction major projects, 88 Undergraduate major. There is one Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Education to jointly establish a key research base for humanities and social sciences in universities, one key laboratory of the Ministry of Education, one national and regional research center of the Ministry of Education, and one provincial key laboratory (cultivation) 2 Anhui "2011 Collaborative Innovation Center", 5 key research bases for humanities and social sciences in Anhui Province, 5 key laboratories of Anhui Province, 3 key laboratories of Anhui Province, 1 Anhui Provincial Engineering Laboratory, 1 A provincial key think tank, an Anhui Provincial Engineering Technology Research Center, an Anhui Provincial University Engineering Technology Research Center, and an Anhui Province Science and Technology Innovation Public Service Platform.
The school has more than 2,300 faculty members, including more than 1,500 full-time teachers. Professor, associate professor and other senior titles of more than 940 people. There are 3 national-level teaching teams, 1 cultural and quaint "four batches" talents, 1 "People's Plan", 1 person in philosophy and social science, and 3 people in the "100 Million Talent Project", Ministry of Education. There are 7 supporters for the "Excellent Talents of the New Century", 6 special professors of "Jiangjiang Scholars", 4 professors, 3 young scholars from Minjiang, 2 provincial "100 people plan", 40 provincial academic and technical leaders. The provincial academic and technical leaders reserve 79 candidates, 13 provincial teaching teams, 24 provincial teaching teachers, and 29 provincial-level teaching newcomers. There are more than 43,800 students of all kinds, including more than 4,900 graduate students, more than 21,700 undergraduates, more than 260 international students, and more than 17,000 adult undergraduates.
The campus covers a total area of 1,952,500 square meters, with a construction area of 984,700 square meters and a total value of 545 million yuan. The school library is a key protection unit for ancient books in the country. It has a rich collection of books and a complete range of books. There are more than 2.94 million books and more than 700 ancient books. Among them, "Hongwu Zhengyun" is the only one in China that does not match the book. "Tongzhi", Ming Jiajing's "Complete Works of Li Taibai" and "The Collection of Dugong" are all treasures of the sea. They have 90 kinds of digital resources, and the collection resources have basically realized the digitization of the bibliography. The school has Anhui Normal University Press, edited and published "Journal of Anhui Normal University", "College of Academic Counselors", "Learning Chinese", "Anhui Normal University" and other publicly published academic journals and newspapers.
The school is one of the first universities in the country to be admitted to publicly funded international students. It is also the national Chinese education base and the Anhui Chinese International Promotion Center. The school has received more than 3,000 long-term and long-term training and academic education students from more than 30 countries and regions, and dozens of high schools in the United States, Britain, Germany, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, Vietnam and other countries and regions. Schools, research institutes, academic group educational institutions have established long-term friendly cooperation and academic exchanges, and established the Confucius Institute with Charles Darwin University in Australia and Confucius Classroom at the National University of Zaporozhye in Ukraine.
The school is also a training and training base for college counselors in the Ministry of Education, a national training base for key teachers in primary and secondary schools of the Ministry of Education, a training base for national social work professionals, a training base for national social sports instructors, a training center for colleges and universities in Anhui Province, and a training for outstanding judicial personnel in Anhui Province. Base, Anhui Province professional and technical personnel training base, Anhui education management cadre training base, Anhui high school backbone teacher training base, Anhui Province tourism middle-class backbone teacher training base.
Chunhua Qiushi, Tao Li fragrance. In order to meet the opportunities and challenges brought about by the flourishing development of higher education, the school is building a goal of “high-level universities with distinctive characteristics”, and implementing “quality school, special school, talent strong school, and discipline leader” at a higher starting point. The strategy of opening a living school, managing the school according to law, and enriching the school with culture, constantly creating a new situation of building a "Strength of Teacher's College, Distinguished Normal University, Vitality Teacher's College, Open Teacher's College, and Happy Normal University", actively promoting economic and social development and modernization. The five major developments in the beautiful Anhui construction have made new and greater contributions.

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