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Where is the future of smart locks?

2019/01/04 Toferda

The rapid development of 4G to 5G determines that the trend of the intelligent era is like the eastward flow of the river. The rapid development of the Internet allows us to see that the future of smart products not only has poetry and distant fields, but also stars and the sea. Smart products have liberated our lives. Today, the protagonist of Xiaobian is smart locks. Look at the smart lock in the current era of Al intelligence, where is its future? Compared with the traditional lock, what is the advantage of smart lock?

Smart locks have two development models in the future. First, invading major families, the sales prospects of smart locks are even more impressive. The smart lock not only satisfies the consumer's need for a safety index, but it also frees the user's hands. For example, the fingerprint recognition function of the smart lock makes the unlocking more simple and rude, and the password service is also very intimate. Second, there is no competition and oversupply of products. From the perspective of government economics, when the supply of goods exceeds demand, the price of goods will decrease and the product market will change. At the same time, the future of smart locks may be due to lack of competitiveness, products can not get perfect innovation, affecting the development trend of smart locks.

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