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Home > Products > Fingerprint lock > Z-212Fingerprint password lock

Z-212Fingerprint password lock

Model: Z-212 fingerprint password lock
  Material: Stainless steel
Size: 360*76mm
Products include: front panel *1/rear panel *1/lock body*1/accessory kit*1/card*3/key*2/5 battery*4/instruction*1
Unlocking method: Fingerprint, password, magnetic card, key unlock, aging password, remote unlock (optional)
Fingerprint acquisition: FPC semiconductor live fingerprint
Standby duration: 12 months (calculated by 15 times per day)
Ambient temperature: -25 degrees -55 degrees
Applicable door thickness: 38-120MM
Lock core grade: C grade
Lock tongue material: 304 stainless steel
Low battery alarm: low battery indicator prompt
Safety function: lifted on the lock, locked inside the house
System function: APP management / aging passwor
Product Description

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